Support #HousingForAll in Mountain View’s North Bayshore

The City of Mountain View recently released its Draft Affordable Housing Administrative Guidelines for the North Bayshore Precise Plan (NBPP).  These guidelines will have a major impact on the future of development in North Bayshore and will likely determine who will be able to afford living in the neighborhood for decades to come.  In the spirit of Affordable Housing Week, please join SV@Home and our partners in calling for housing for all in North Bayshore. We need you to act now ━ #ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley!

Let the Council know that you support the creation of housing for all income levels in North Bayshore by signing on to our coalition letter.    

Sign the Coalition Letter


These Affordable Housing Guidelines are the culmination of years of conversation and work by Councilmembers, staff, advocates, and many residents.  As we now get closer to a final vote on the plan and its affordable housing policies, it is critical that we continue to push for our vision of a community where individuals and families of all income levels and backgrounds can live, work,  play, and contribute to the overall health of their community.  As part of this, we must ensure that workers who provide critical services to the neighborhood can enjoy a good quality of life by living close to where they work, instead of having to commute long distances to their jobs.  We can do this by making sure that the Councilmembers hear the many voices echoing the need for housing at all income levels.  

Call for Art

Call for Artist Proposals

Affordable Housing Week 2017
#ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley

SV@Home invites Santa Clara County-based artists to submit poster designs for Affordable Housing Week 2017. The theme of the event is #ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley.

The text for the poster must include the following:

#ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley
Affordable Housing Week 2017
May 12-19, 2017

The poster size is 11” x 17” portrait format.

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel consisting of arts professionals and housing representatives. The winning entry will be printed and distributed throughout Santa Clara County. All artists submitting ideas will retain the copyright to their work.

On May 18 at 3 pm, Affordable Housing Week will host a panel discussion on artist housing at MACLA, 510 South First Street, San Jose. At 5 pm, following the discussion, there will be reception for the artists who submitted poster proposals.

SV@Home is offering three cash prizes for poster design:

First Prize: $1000
Second Prize: $500
Third Prize: $300

Deadline: April 10, 2017 11:59 pm

Submit your design electronically as a pdf along with your contact information to:

Silicon Valley Pins Hopes to End Homelessness on $950M Bond

Courthouse News Service reports on Santa Clara County’s affordable housing bond approved to appear on the November ballot to create opportunities to develop safe, affordable homes for all of our community members, including our homeless, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income families.

 “Leaders in the nonprofit sector who run organizations dedicated to addressing Silicon Valley’s housing crisis also say California’s ending of county redevelopment agencies during the state budget crisis earlier in the decade has compounded the problem.

“With the loss of significant funding for affordable housing — the largest being the elimination of redevelopment funding that brought $60 million annually to Santa Clara County cities — few resources are available to finance the development of new affordable housing,” said Leslie Corsiglia, executive director of SV@Home, a nonprofit that advocates for affordable housing in the region.

Corsiglia and a consortium of other related nonprofits and private affordable-housing developers signed a letter expressing support for the general obligation bond.

“If placed on the ballot and subsequently approved by the county’s voters, these funds will create housing opportunities for thousands of county residents who are struggling to afford the high cost of living in the South Bay,” the letter states.”

Read the coalition letter, signed by dozens of agencies and convened by SV@Home, cited in this article here.

Read the full article via Courthouse News Service.
CORE_Cornerstone at Japantown1

Santa Clara County: Property values continue to soar

As property values continue to increase, the market continues to create challenges for Santa Clara County workers and families.

The Mercury News reports:

“A sizzling market fueled by “too many people chasing too few homes” makes for difficulties for those who earn less than the area’s median family income — which was $106,300 in 2015 according to the state housing department.

County supervisors recently approved putting a $950 million housing bond to voters in November, with most of the money earmarked for the poorest residents. A study by affordable housing advocacy group SV@Home stated that between 2013 and 2014 housing prices rose up to 16 percent while incomes grew by only 4.4 percent.

Santa Clara County has an imbalance of housing and jobs and we continue to add jobs without adding new homes for the new workers,” states the SV@Home report. “In 2015, the region added 64,000 new jobs and only 5,000 new housing units.”

It added that the lack of housing stock affects more than just the lower economic tiers.

“Even middle-income workers like teachers, public safety workers and health professionals find it challenging to find affordable housing options in our region.””

Read the full article via the Mercury News.

Read SV@Home’s Policy Roadmap cited in this article.

How Do We Tackle the Affordable Housing Crisis - A Policy Roadmap-1

Media blitz on homelessness: Addressing homelessness and housing is critical to economic health and community vitality (Silicon Valley Business Journal op-ed)

SV@Home in the news.

“Throughout the year, we read reports and stories of the challenges people face in living in this high-cost area. We also come face to face with the reality of homelessness, as we pass by people sleeping in doorways, carrying their belongings on their backs as they walk down the street, or sometimes setting up camp near our businesses or homes. Businesses and community members alike directly feel the impact of people living outside, on our streets, and along our waterways.

We know there is a problem. We acknowledge it. But we don’t always know the solution or what role we might play in responding. Today, rather than speak to the problem and the numbers, our focus is action and engagement.”

Read the full op-ed from SV@Home Executive Director Leslye Corsiglia in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Affordable Housing Bond Heads to Ballot

Money for housing-purpleYesterday, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to place an affordable housing bond on the November ballot, an important effort to drive new revenue for affordable housing across Santa Clara County.

Silicon Valley Business Journal covered this historic event:

“Advocates say it’s necessary to provide funding for projects after the demise of redevelopment agencies, a key source of affordable-housing financing that Gov. Jerry Brown killed in 2010. The demise of redevelopment came just as Silicon Valley’s economy swung into high gear, generating thousands of jobs and pushing up housing costs past records.

‘We’re really pleased County Supervisors took this important vote to allow voters to take action on housing solutions,” said Leslye Corsiglia, executive director of SV@Home, an affordable housing advocacy group, in a statement. “We all know someone impacted by the housing crisis and this bond will allow us to get to work immediately on driving housing solutions.'”

(Read the full article via the Silicon Valley Business Journal.)

The measure authorized for the November 2016 ballot will ask voters to make an investment in addressing our housing crisis, creating opportunities to develop safe, affordable homes for all of our community members, including our homeless, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income families. The bond will also support housing programs that address the growing needs of working families, with resources available for first-time homeowners and workforce housing.

In addition to direct impacts, studies show that increasing our affordable housing options drives a multitude of indirect benefits, from improving our business environment to reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. The bond will finance the development of thousands of safe, attractive, and affordable homes. This investment will create jobs, increase the housing supply, and support our community’s most vulnerable residents.fam

Mountain View Voice: “Is Silicon Valley’s housing crisis reaching the point where dire action is needed?”

SV@Home in the News.

Mountain View Voice covers SV@Home’s Policy Breakfast to kick off Affordable Housing Week, as well as the premier of SV@Home’s new Policy Roadmap.

At the top of the SV@Home’s list is to build more housing, pretty much in any way possible. Their strategy boiled down to “land, money and changing the conversation on housing,” said SV@Home Executive Director Leslye Corsiglia.

“This really is the need to deal with a lack of housing supply for all people, whether they live on the street or work for our highest-paying employers,” she said.

Described as the South Bay’s first advocacy group focused solely on housing, SV@Home is joining the political discussion at a particularly challenging time. With a transportation tax already expected for the November ballot, county supervisors are also investigating bringing a $750 million bond measure to voters to pay for a spree of new affordable housing. Corsiglia said her new advocacy group could serve a powerful role by helping push that measure as well as encouraging the various South Bay cities to also do their part.

Read the full article via the Mountain View Voice.

Silicon Valley Business Journal: “SV@Home unveils official policy positions on affordable housing”

SV@Home in the News.

How Do We Tackle the Affordable Housing Crisis - A Policy Roadmap-1Silicon Valley Business Journal  covers the premier of SV@Home’s Policy Roadmap, a strategic set of policy solutions to drive housing solutions within and across Santa Clara County.

Almost a year after its founding, affordable housing group SV@Home released its official policy recommendations on Friday.

“The ‘road map’ is our guide to where our organization is going to focus to be able to move the needle on affordable housing,” said Leslye Corsiglia, executive director of SV@Home, which officially formed in June 2015. The recommendations were unveiled in front of over 200 people at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus.

Read the full article via the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Mercury News: “A policy road map to affordable housing in Santa Clara County”

SV@Home in the News.

SV@Home’s Policy Breakfast and Policy Roadmap debut, which kicked off Santa Clara County’s Affordable Housing Week 2016, was recently featured in the San Jose Mercury News:

“It’s time to change the focus from problems to solutions,” Carl Guardino, president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, told about 200 affordable housing advocates who gathered Friday at the Microsoft Conference Center. They attended a policy breakfast sponsored by SV@Home, a housing advocacy group in Santa Clara County whose members include nonprofit and for-profit developers, bankers and homeless advocates, academics and elected officials.

Kicking off the county’s Affordable Housing Week 2016, nonprofit SV@Home, founded last year, released a “Policy Roadmap” for making inroads into what seems like an intractable problem. The report outlines a set of strategies for bringing some relief to the housing situation…

“It’s time to change the conversation around housing,” said Leslye Corsiglia, SV@Home’s executive director, as well as former head of San Jose’s Department of Housing. In the South Bay — where housing debates spin independently in 15 cities and at the county level — her group is the first, she said, “that’s worked around housing advocacy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Read the full article via the Mercury News.

Ron Gonzales and Pat Showalter: Silicon Valley housing solutions go regional

Make sure you catch the recent op-ed in the Mercury News by SV@Home Board Chair Ron Gonzales (President and CEO of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley and former Mayor of San Jose) and SV@Home member Pat Showalter (Mayor of Mountain View.)

“Our housing crisis has continued to grow; so too must solutions.

This is the premise of the new regional initiative and voice for affordable housing in Silicon Valley, SV@Home, as the group debuts its Policy Roadmap next week. The Roadmap lays a strategic, coordinated pathway to address our housing crisis while spurring renewed focus and urgency around regional solutions.

The housing crisis that grips our nation is neither new nor unique to Silicon Valley. But our region is different in two important ways.”

Read the full op-ed via the Mercury News here.

Mayors Gonzales and Showalter lay clear that, despite the housing challenges we face, there are opportunities to drive relief by building out a strategic, coordinated, and regional approach. SV@Home is honored to be leading this charge.