The City of Mountain View recently released its Draft Affordable Housing Administrative Guidelines for the North Bayshore Precise Plan (NBPP).  These guidelines will have a major impact on the future of development in North Bayshore and will likely determine who will be able to afford living in the neighborhood for decades to come.  In the spirit of Affordable Housing Week, please join SV@Home and our partners in calling for housing for all in North Bayshore. We need you to act now ━ #ItsUpToUs, Silicon Valley!

Let the Council know that you support the creation of housing for all income levels in North Bayshore by signing on to our coalition letter.    

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These Affordable Housing Guidelines are the culmination of years of conversation and work by Councilmembers, staff, advocates, and many residents.  As we now get closer to a final vote on the plan and its affordable housing policies, it is critical that we continue to push for our vision of a community where individuals and families of all income levels and backgrounds can live, work,  play, and contribute to the overall health of their community.  As part of this, we must ensure that workers who provide critical services to the neighborhood can enjoy a good quality of life by living close to where they work, instead of having to commute long distances to their jobs.  We can do this by making sure that the Councilmembers hear the many voices echoing the need for housing at all income levels.