Later this year, the San Jose City Council will be considering an innovative mixed-use development proposal from Santa Clara University, Bellarmine Prep, and Cristo Rey High School that fuses much-needed affordable housing with a business accelerator for local entrepreneurs.

The development will include 290 new homes, of which 43 will be deed-restricted for people with low and very low incomes. The remaining homes will also be rented at below-market rates to Santa Clara University, Bellarmine, and Cristo Rey faculty and staff, making the entire development affordable to families who, almost anywhere else in the country, would be considered to have stable, middle class incomes.

Institutions of learning like Santa Clara University, Bellarmine Prep, and Cristo Rey High School are incubators for economic growth and our future community leaders. However, like all employers in Santa Clara County, astronomical housing prices are making it difficult for schools to retain their workforce, from the service workers who keep the university operating smoothly to the professors educating students.

We’re excited to see these schools taking a bold approach to providing additional housing opportunities for their staff and members of our community who need it most. And they are proposing to build these new homes without any need for city subsidy. Additionally, the location is walkable from the Santa Clara Caltrain stop and proposed future BART station, making it a great place for additional housing and jobs.

Join SV@Home and fellow housers in telling the City Council that you support this opportunity for 290 new affordable homes in San Jose!