January 4, 2022

SPUR Presents: A Proactive Plan for Seamless Transit Around the Region


Though the Bay Area’s regional transportation plans are typically a step ahead of the rest of the country, they remain based on locally-nominated projects. This often leads to underinvestment in urban infrastructure and core transit service, hindering opportunities for connections between transit systems. Thinking of regional transit as a single network, however, would solve many of these difficulties and enable the Bay Area to make more effectual planning and investment decisions. That proactive approach is what the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has undertaken as part of its Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan, a new initiative that will create a service-based network in which all modes work together as a unified, reliable and effective package. Join us to learn how this ambitious plan can match the right transit mode to the right market and rectify many of the long-standing challenges of the region’s overly fragmented transit system.

This event is co-presented by Bay Area CouncilSeamless Bay Area and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

+ Lisa Salsberg / Access Planning
+ Therese McMillan / MTC
+ Thomas Straatemeier / Goudappel

January 19th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event