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Our community needs us now more than ever. Find out more about COVID-19 and its impact on Silicon Valley renters and homeowners.


Act Now! Tell Congress to Support Funding for Housing Stability!

Act now to join SV@Home, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and fellow South Bay Housers in calling on Congress to support critically-needed funding for housing stability as part of the next federal stimulus package. Use our Action Tool on the right side of the page to send emails to your representatives in Washington!

In the midst of this crisis we have seen once again how central a safe and stable home is for family and community health. We need the next round of Federal stimulus to include a significant investment in affordable housing and housing stability for our communities.  This is essential as we weather this crisis, and will be critical as we recover and rebuild for the future.

We are asking our Congressional delegation to champion the following:

  • A national, uniform moratorium on evictions and foreclosures to provide certainty in this uncertain environment
  • An emergency rental assistance program to avoid the ripple effects of missed rent payments throughout the housing system.
  • An expansion of ongoing rental assistance funding, which will be essential to lower-income families and the stability of our communities.
  • The creation of a new emergency renter assistance fund to prevent future evictions and an increase in homelessness.
  • A fund to expand access to legal services and housing counseling to support tenants access to the rights and protections that exist.
  • An expanded and reformed Low Income Housing Tax Credit program that allows us to build more affordable housing targeted to where the need is the greatest

While our local eviction and foreclosure moratoria have provided a window of stability, rents and mortgages will come due, and it is clear that the economic shock of this pandemic will leave many without the resources to catch up.  As tenants are unable to pay rent, landlords are unable to pay mortgages, and our housing resources are at risk.  This is particularly true for our affordable housing providers, who serve many of those with the greatest need, and have access to fewer resources to weather this crisis.

Join us in advocating for housing & economic stability of our communities.

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