SV@Home supports Opportunity Housing citywide in San Jose!

Opportunity Housing, San Jose’s General Plan Task Force recommendation to legalize duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes citywide, will be considered by the City Council in October. At that time, Council will decide whether to direct city staff to study Opportunity Housing, including:

  • Conducting robust citywide community engagement,
  • Studying incentive to include units at affordable or moderately-priced levels,
  • Developing tools to minimize displacement risks, and
  • Proposing strategies to preserve historic areas.

With a safe, stable place to call home, our children have a better chance of succeeding in school, getting a job, and building their own strong families here. Allowing a greater variety of housing in our neighborhoods can help ensure our children and the next generation can afford to stay and live in the communities where they were raised if they choose to. SV@Home strongly supports Opportunity Housing in San Jose!

SB 9 & Opportunity Housing

Senate Bill 9 is state legislation that does much of what we have collectively been advocating for with Opportunity Housing. Most importantly it eliminates exclusionary, single-family zoning and allows 2-4 units to be built throughout San Jose, and across the state. On September 3rd the bill was cleared through the State Legislature and delivered to the Governor, and he signed it into law on September 16th. The new law is expected to go into effect as soon as January 1, 2022.

This is a tremendous step forward, and the debate in Sacramento echoed most of the reasons many of us feel this is important to San Jose – promoting opportunity for racial and economic inclusion rather than exclusion all across the city, creating desperately needed new homes, providing new pathways to homeownership, and promoting environmentally sustainable development to prevent more sprawl.

However, there are some things SB 9 doesn’t do, including providing incentives for greater affordability, and the bill is already being threatened by a push for a statewide ballot measure to overturn it. There are good reasons to continue to push for local action in San Jose. Read more about SB 9 & Opportunity Housing here.

Find FAQ, Talking Points, and lots of other great resources in the Opportunity Housing Advocacy Toolkit.

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