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Support 18,500 New Homes at Moffett Park!

On May 25th at 7pm, the Sunnyvale City Council will decide how much housing development the city should consider in the Moffett Park Specific Plan Area. Moffett Park encompasses nearly 1,200 acres and is currently dominated by large office buildings and surface parking. The City of Sunnyvale has been working for months to develop a future mixed-use vision for the area, dubbing it a potential Eco-Innovation District. This Eco-Innovation District concept calls for residential development, more office and neighborhood-serving retail, as well as major ecological improvements to protect and preserve the environment around and leading into the San Francisco Bay.

Join fellow Housers in supporting the city staff’s recommendation to study up to 18,500 new homes for Moffett Park!

We are also expressing our support for the Planning Commission’s recommendation to study select additional sites for housing west of Mathilda Avenue to provide additional flexibility to meeting the city’s housing goals.

We strongly support the overarching Eco-Innovation District vision, which would create new mixed-use districts with housing and affordable housing, neighborhood-serving retail, new jobs, open space, and key ecological improvements to preserve and protect Moffett Park’s natural resources.

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