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Support a Housing-Rich Diridon Station + Downtown West!

On May 25th, the San Jose City Council will vote on the future of the Diridon Station Area in Downtown San Jose.

After years of community engagement and the hard work of Housers, including SV@Home, we need to make sure all of the housing and affordable housing goals, plans, and projects that we fought for are included in the final package. On April 28th, the San Jose Planning Commission unanimously endorsed the staff-recommended Downtown West proposal and the amendments to the Diridon Station Area Plan. Now we need the Council to do the same!

The Council will vote on three interconnected issues that both shape the area’s housing future and set the city on a path to achieving its vision of a vibrant, housing-rich Station Area with homes for people of all incomes. It’s not enough to just support one or two of these items, we need Housers to get out there and support ALL THREE! Here’s what we need you to support:

  1. 15,000 new homes planned for in the Amended Diridon Station Area Plan, 25% of them affordable: The Plan is the framework that will define how many new homes can be built across the Station Area and how many of them need to be affordable. SV@Home has worked closely with city staff and conducted our own research to show that the Station Area can accommodate at least 15,000 new homes. The staff recommended amendments to the Diridon Station Area reflect this ambitious goal, and the City Council already set a goal of 25% of all new homes in the Area being affordable. SV@HOME SUPPORTS STAFF RECOMMENDATION.
  2. Google’s Downtown West proposal including 4,000 new homes, 25% of them affordable (1,000 new deed-restricted affordable homes!), and a $154.8 million Community Stabilization Fund: Google’s project covers about 80 acres of the 240-acre Station Area, so their proposal will be the catalyst for future housing development throughout the Area. We have worked with Google throughout this process and are excited by this important commitment to residential development and the creation of new affordable homes. We are especially glad that the first dedicated parcel for affordable housing will be made available shortly after project approval, and we strongly support a Measure A development on that site, which would ensure we reach our neighbors who have the deepest needs right from the beginning. Google’s $154.8m Community Stabilization and Opportunity Pathway Fund will provide real resources for affordable housing production, preservation, and housing stability/tenant protection in addition to addressing other community needs. SV@HOME SUPPORTS STAFF RECOMMENDATION.
  3. The City’s Affordable Housing Implementation Plan providing guidelines for achieving affordable housing production, preservation of existing affordable homes, and protections for vulnerable residents at risk of displacement: San José’s Housing Department crafted this plan to help achieve the City Council’s goal of 25% of all new homes in the Station Area being deed-restricted affordable. This plan will also combat displacement pressures caused by new development in the Area. Extending the City’s current “3Ps” (Production, Preservation, and Protection) approach to the local housing crisis is the best starting point to address these challenges. We support the Plan’s comprehensive range of policy proposals and recommendations for proactive administrative efforts. This will not be simple or easy. City Staff will need the full support of the City Council and the community in assembling the resources and prioritizing policies to implement the Plan. SV@HOME SUPPORTS STAFF RECOMMENDATION.

For SV@Home’s take on Google’s Downtown West Development Agreement and proposal, click here.

For SV@Home Housing Vision for the entire Diridon Station Area, click here.

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