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San Jose’s Commercial Linkage Fee Update

WE DID IT! At 12:40 AM on 9/2, the San Jose City Council adopted a Commercial Linkage Fee after years of effort and dogged advocacy.

More than 50 community serving organizations joined our effort in urging the Council to adopt the Fee, reflecting the breadth of support for the Fee and need for more affordable housing.

The Fee adopted by council is much lower than we believe it should be, and did not address many of our concerns. But we can still celebrate, and will remain vigilant in the years to come when the Fee is reassessed. Council came a long way from where it was a year ago. Given that we are in the midst of a public health pandemic and uncertain recession, finding the right balance was the primary challenge.

The Fee approved last night will add tens of millions of dollars to San Jose’s Affordable Housing Fund, helping fill the gap in funding needed to meet the city’s housing goals. Enacting the Fee now, even if not perfect, was critically important to ensuring we don’t lose the opportunity to capture funding from developments that are in the pipeline.

Thanks to everyone who joined our efforts, signed our online petition, submitted letters of support, called, and posted on social media. This is our collective victory.

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Upward and onward! #PasstheFeeSJ

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