Mobilehomes are generally considered a source of naturally affordable housing. It has been several decades since any new mobilehome parks have been developed in Santa Clara County. In the ensuing years, many mobilehome parks that were originally developed in low-density areas, or in more industrial areas, are now surrounded by higher-density uses and the underlying land has increased in value. This has resulted in demand to convert mobilehome parks to other uses.

In Santa Clara County, there are 17,115 spaces in mobilehome parks spread across nine cities. Six of those cities (Los Gatos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Palo Alto, San Jose, and Sunnyvale), with a total of 16,210 mobilehomes, have ordinances limiting the ability to convert parks from rental to ownership or to close the park and convert the property to an entirely new land use. Typically, these ordinances require the applicant to provide a satisfactory program of relocation and rental and other assistance to mitigate impacts on displaced mobilehome owners and tenants.

Mountain View, with a total of 1,129 mobilehomes, does not have such an ordinance; however, to convert a mobilehome park, a rezoning would be necessary, and the City has tenant protection regulations that would apply to tenants displaced from mobilehome parks as well as other rental housing. Two cities (Campbell and Gilroy) do not have regulations that govern mobilehome park conversions.

Silicon Valley at Home supports local policies that:

  • Acknowledge that mobilehomes are an important part of the affordable housing stock.
  • Oppose the closure of mobilehome parks, and the loss of homes, without plans for conversion to higher density housing.
  • Oppose the conversion of mobilehome parks unless:

– Sufficient time is provided to existing residents.

– Ongoing communication is provided to existing residents.

– The affordable units are replaced, at a minimum, on a one-for-one basis and that the replacement units remain deed-restricted and affordable over time.

– Appropriate compensation is provided to any mobilehome owners displaced by a new development.

– Fair relocation reimbursement and relocation services are provided to displaced residents.

– The proposed new development creates more density.

SV@Home supports programs that:

  • Provide funding to mobilehome owners to purchase their parks.
  • Facilitate the purchase of a mobilehome park by a nonprofit agency in cases where purchase and/or ownership of the park in not feasible for the mobilehome owners.

Links to local ordinances:

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Morgan Hill
Mountain View
Palo Alto
San Jose