Occasionally, SV@Home will consider endorsing housing developments that meet specified criteria.  To request an endorsement, please complete the SV@Home Project Endorsement Form and submit the completed form and required attachments to mitch@siliconvalleyathome.org. Provide us with sufficient time to review your request, and let us know of any upcoming deadlines. Please ensure that your project is eligible before submitting.

Download the SV@Home Project Endorsement Form. 

Submitted forms are reviewed by SV@Home staff. In some cases, SV@Home may decide to engage an Advisory Committee to consider the information received and make recommendations to the Director. No in-person presentations are required.

In making an endorsement decision, applicants may be asked to provide additional information. SV@Home staff may reach out to elected officials, local government staff, or community leaders to discuss the project prior to making a decision.

Eligible projects:
  1. 100% Affordable Developments
  2. Market rate developments with more than 20 units with an affordable component:
    1. Where the city has a jobs-housing imbalance with more than 1.4 jobs per housing unit, projects that include at least 15% affordability*
    2. Where the city has a jobs-housing balance with 1.4 or fewer jobs per housing unit, projects that go above and beyond what is minimally required*
  3. Developments that are not typical affordable developments, but that have deed restrictions that target the missing middle (i.e., teachers)
  4. Innovative building types that are more naturally affordable

*Jobs-housing balance ratios for each city can be found in the SV@Home Resource Hub under the “Cities and Public Agencies” menu.

  1. Be sponsored by developers or development teams with experience with similar projects
  2. Include a robust community outreach component

Any development that proposes redevelopment of existing housing will undergo a more rigorous review to ensure it meets the requirements of SV@Home’s Preservation Policies.

Important Information to Know

SV@Home support may include:
  1. Sending letters in support of a development
  2. Activating advocacy tools such as petitions and letters
    1. Working with grassroots groups to activate the community to participate in supporting a development
  3. Attending Council meetings or other meetings as time allows