October 10, 2021

SV@Home Team Highlights! The People Behind the Advocacy: David Meyer

SV@Home staff

While there are some big changes happening at SV@Home, one thing that isn’t changing is our incredible team’s commitment to housing policy work and advocacy! That’s why we’re excited to highlight our talented and committed policy team. Join us in meeting our staff and learning more about why their work is importantwhat housing policy issues they’re most excited about in the coming months, and how your membership directly supports their work.

David Meyer
David Meyer

What you work on at SV@Home:

Hi, I’m David Meyer, Director of Strategic Initiatives. While I’m involved in a lot of organizational and day to day policy work, my main focus is on land use planning and building SV@Home’s partnerships with other organizations.

Why is this work central to SV@Home’s overall vision of a Silicon Valley where all people have access to a safe, stable, and affordable home?

Land use is a critical topic because how (and where!) cities choose to target and incentivize new development creates huge opportunities for housing and affordable housing. When cities look at redevelopment holistically they can integrate new housing with other key community needs and benefits, such as new parks, new commercial space, and improved transit, walking, and biking infrastructure. Cities are also increasingly thinking about how redevelopment can create displacement pressures and how we can keep people housed even when a neighborhood is changing. And our partners help us see land use through the wider lens: we work with environmental organizations, transit advocates, business associations, and neighborhood activists to help build the vision of a Silicon Valley that is not only more affordable, but offers all of the benefits we want for our families.

Arial image of Moffett Park Specific Plan area

What is one policy issue you are working on right now that you’re most excited about and why?

The City of Sunnyvale is currently undertaking a major initiative to rethink development in Moffett Park, an area in the northern part of the city just off of the Bay. Presently, Moffett Park is dominated by office buildings and surface parking lots, but Sunnyvale has envisioned the potential for it to become an “Eco-Innovation District” with new homes, jobs, and major investments in restoring the region’s ecology. SV@Home is excited to be part of the process of working with the City, alongside residents and other advocates, on shaping this vision. Just last March, after a number of community meetings and study sessions, the Sunnyvale City Council approved the study of up to 20,000 (!) new homes in Moffett Park, connected to the existing VTA light rail line and integrated into a new, ecologically-focused neighborhood. I am really looking forward to more community discussions around the future of Moffett Park, which we are expecting to start again towards the end of the year. The opportunity is great, not only for housing, but for creating a true mixed-use district that helps address our climate and ecological goals as well.

What’s an example of a housing topic or issue someone should reach out to you about to get more engaged?

If you’re interested in how to get involved in land use planning issues in your city, or if you’re an environmental, transit, health, or any other community advocate and want to learn more about making the connection with housing, you should reach out! You can reach David at david@siliconvalleyathome.org

#MembershipMatters  As a member of SV@Home you have a multitude of ways and many opportunities to join alongside our 200+ organizations and community members who are concerned about housing stability during these unprecedented times. Your membership directly supports David’s work on land use planning, as well as all of the team’s other critical policy work.