September 27, 2021

SV@Home Team Highlights! The People Behind the Advocacy: Rick Gosalvez

Associate Rick Gosalvez

While there are some big changes happening at SV@Home, one thing that isn’t changing is our incredible team’s commitment to housing policy work and advocacy! That’s why we’re excited to highlight our talented and committed policy team. Join us in meeting our staff and learning more about why their work is important, what housing policy issues they’re most excited about in the coming months, and how your membership directly supports their work.

Who you are and what you work on at SV@Home: 

Hi! I am Rick Gosalvez, the Housing Production, Senior Associate, focused on expanding housing production through research, advocacy, and collaboration. 

Why is this work central to SV@Home’s overall vision of a Silicon Valley where all people have access to a safe, stable, and affordable home?

Silicon Valley is globally renowned for innovation, technology, and jobs. Each year, more jobs are created than homes. As a result, inventory is low, prices are high, and housing solutions few and far between. I work with government agencies, partners, developers, and community stakeholders to increase production capacity, clarify development policies, bridge the gap between developer issues and city practices, and support projects to affect housing development throughout the region. Through extensive research and collaboration, I craft and implement data driven policy and project endorsement campaigns to help make Silicon Valley a safe, stable, and affordable place for everyone to be able to call home!

What is one policy issue you are working on right now that you’re most excited about and why?

A policy I am excited about working on with my colleagues is Mountain View’s R3 zoning update. The update, scheduled to return to Council later this fall, would enable form-based codes and up-zone residential capacities throughout multifamily R3 zones across the City, which could increase housing capacity by more than 12,000 units. Coupled with the State Density Bonus (AB 2345), the R3 update has the potential to make a real impact on housing production for years to come in the City of Mountain View. See SV@Home’s May Policy Rundown for details and stay-tuned for updates!

What’s an example of a housing topic or issue someone should reach out to you about to get more engaged?

Shovels at groundbreaking

In addition to policy work, I champion SV@Home’s Project Endorsement program. The program is open to members and non-members seeking support for their Silicon Valley housing projects. Since 2018 SV@Home has endorsed 56 projects across 10 cities totaling 10,594 units, of which 5,476 were affordable to individuals and families with incomes less than 80% AMI.

If your team is working on housing production policies or a housing project, contact me (, I would love to discuss how SV@Home could best support your housing production endeavors!

#MembershipMatters: As a member of SV@Home you have a multitude of ways and many opportunities to join alongside our 200+ organizations and community members who are concerned about housing stability during these unprecedented times. Your membership directly supports Rick’s work on Housing Production issues and Project Endorsement as well as all of the other critical policy work.

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