Affordable Housing


Santa Clara County is home to some of the most expensive housing in the nation.


 Voters throughout the Bay Area have consistently ranked the cost of housing as a top concern. Over 8 in 10 believe the cost of housing is an extremely serious problem in what some have called a crisis.


In Silicon Valley, one would need an hourly wage of $54 for a two-bedroom apartment yet the mean hourly wage is about $38. Consequently, more and more residents find themselves priced out of the neighborhoods they have come to call home.


Simultaneously, the Bay Area has experienced a significant jobs-to-housing imbalance. Since 2010, the Bay Area has added 722,000 jobs but constructed only about 106,000 housing units. This subsequently has meant residents are traveling outside of the Bay Area for work contributing to traffic congestion.


How will SV@Home’s Action Fund help address the affordable housing crisis?


Established in 2019, SV@Home’s Action Fund (SVHAF) addresses the housing crisis through civic engagement, legislative advocacy, and support or opposition of ballot measures that impact affordable housing and homelessness.