Measures & Initiatives

SV@Home and the Action Fund have worked on several ballot measures, including Measure A (2016) in Santa Clara County, Measure V (2018) in San Jose, and San Jose’s Measure E (2020). The Action Fund, as a 501c4 nonprofit, was specifically created to provide ballot measure and political support for measures and issues that increase opportunities for affordable housing in the high-cost Silicon Valley.

Measure E was the first measure where the Action Fund took the lead role in managing a campaign. The Action Fund is proud to have worked in partnership with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and a broad based coalition comprised of philanthropy, health care, public education, urban and environmental justice groups to ensure the successful passage of Measure E, which was approved with 53.46% of the vote. It is expected that the revenues resulting from this ballot measure will raise between $30 and $70 million annually for affordable housing.

Measure E represents the common-sense solution supported by a broad coalition of neighbors, community groups, and housing experts. Measure E will help support investments to provide affordable housing for veterans, seniors, teachers, and first responders, will help fund more innovative housing solutions like more housing options near existing transit, and will help support services to transition the homeless of the streets and into housing.