Cory Wolbach

Civic Engagement Senior Associate

As the Civic Engagement Senior Associate for SV@Home and the SV@Home Action Fund (our affiliated 501(c)4), Cory coordinates our state legislative advocacy, spearheads the Civic Leadership Program, and organizes voter education events and campaigns. He is proud of his work mentoring aspiring housing leaders and empowering them to take on more direct roles in local government — from serving on boards and commissions to running for city council seats in their communities. Prior to joining SV@Home, Cory served on the Palo Alto City Council, worked for the state legislature, and advised numerous campaigns. Cory earned his BA in Political Science — International Relations from UC San Diego. An avid climber, Cory is excited to climb more boulders and cliffs outdoors and apply what he’s learned at Silicon Valley’s local climbing gyms.


(650) 248-2408