March 3, 2017

Housing Topics



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Housing Element Toolkit

Click here for specific information about your city in Santa Clara County! The City of San Jose’s Housing Element is rejected by HCD again On August 28, 2023, the City of San Jose received a review letter from HCD notifying staff that further revisions must be made to bring the Housing Element into compliance with […]


Condo Conversions

Condominium (also known as “condo”) conversion refers to the conversion of multi-family rental units from…

Ellis Act

The Ellis Act, adopted in 1985, establishes limits on how cities can regulate the way…

Mother and children

Fair Housing

Federal Law Under federal law, it is illegal to discriminate in the sale or rental…


According to the 2022 Santa Clara County Homeless Census and Survey (also known as the Homeless…

Mobile homes


Mobilehomes are often a source of naturally affordable housing.  Mobilehome park residents often own their…

Electric vehicle charging stations

Reach Codes

Reach codes are building codes that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and improve air…

Soft-Story Buildings

Soft-story building construction is a term used to describe low-rise, multi-story, wood-frame apartment structures with…