January 24, 2023

Deep Dive Event Series

Quetzal Gardens affordable apartments

SV@Home created the Deep Dive series to respond to requests from our partners and housers to learn in more depth about some of the most important issues affecting the affordable housing environment. Catch up on events you may have missed!

Deep Dive on Affordable Housing: Fair Housing

Learn more about fair housing so you can better understand the challenges and opportunities, and the very real impacts fair housing issues and laws have in our community. How did fair housing laws come about, and who is protected? How are local cities required to fit fair housing actions into their long-range housing plans? How will the new state law allowing local preference in affordable housing developments change the context of local policy decisions? We explore these issues and more in this edition of Deep Dive on Affordable Housing. The Deep Dive series of events is designed to empower advocates on how to engage and drive their needs. View slides.

Deep Dive on Affordable Housing: Affordable Housing Finance

What factors shape 100% affordable housing financing and project decisions, and ultimately what gets built? As advocates, we usually see only parts of the process as we push for great projects and support them as they come up for approval, but we can be even more effective if we understand the process that comes before and after project approval. How we fund affordable housing has an impact on what gets proposed, where it is located, what it looks like, and how long it takes to get keys in doors. Empowered with a deeper understanding of this process, we can be more effective advocates. View slides.

Deep Dive on Affordable Housing: A How-To Guide for Advocates

Welcome to the first event in our new Deep Dive on Affordable Housing series! Our goal in this series is to empower housing advocates with the knowledge to engage in local processes and to more effectively counter narratives of exclusion. First, we set the stage for you, and talk about the ways government policies have contributed to the housing shortage and who is most impacted. Then, we look at the diversity of affordable housing needs, and the financial tools we have available to make it happen. Next we look at the process and timeline for affordable housing development, and identify the inflection points where you can engage most effectively. View slides.