November 1, 2022

Project Endorsement


SV@Home has increased housing capacity by more than 50,000 units and endorsed projects that brought more than 6,000 affordable homes to Silicon Valley.

Project Endorsement

SV@Home – The Voice of Affordable Housing in Silicon Valley – will consider endorsing housing developments in Santa Clara County that meet specified criteria. Membership is not required to receive SV@Home’s endorsement; we welcome member and non-member affordable and market rate project applications!

To request an endorsement, complete the Project Endorsement Form and submit the materials to Give us a few days to review your request, and let us know of any upcoming deadlines.

Eligible Projects

(Must meet a city’s current inclusionary requirements and be at least one of the following)

  • 100% Affordable Developments
  • 100% Missing Middle Developments that have deed restrictions and target the missing middle (i.e., teachers)
  • Innovative building types that produce residential units that are more naturally affordable (affordable-by-design)
  • Urban Village Market Rate Developments that meet or exceed their inclusionary housing obligations by building or enabling construction of the required affordable units within the Urban Village
  • Market Rate Developments with 20+ units:
    • in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Milpitas, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, or Campbell – cities with a jobs-housing imbalance with more than 1.4 jobs per housing unit
    • in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Saratoga, Gilroy, or Morgan Hill – cities with a jobs-housing balance with 1.4 or fewer jobs per housing unit that exceed a city’s inclusionary housing requirements
Developments should:
    • Be sponsored by teams that have experience with similar projects
    • Include a robust community outreach component
    • SV@Home prioritizes developments that incorporate affordable units on-site and is not likely to support projects that meet inclusionary requirements via in-lieu fee.
    • Projects with negotiated requirement alternatives or that propose redevelopment of existing housing will undergo a more rigorous review.

    Important Information to Know

    SV@Home support may include:

    (Varies by endorsed project)

    • Sending letters in support of a development
    • Activating advocacy tools such as petitions and letters
    • Working with grassroots groups to activate the community to participate in supporting a development
    • Attending and commenting at meetings as time allows

    Due to resource constraints, we cannot guarantee non-members the full range of advocacy support beyond a formal endorsement letter.

    Projects Endorsed

    SV@Home has increased housing capacity by more than 50,000 units and endorsed projects that brought more than 6,000 affordable homes to Silicon Valley.

    Support Without Endorsement

    If your project does not meet SV@Homes eligibility requirements, but is helping make Silicon Valley more affordable by increasing housing supply, let us know! We can share event information on our calendar and connect with you on social media to let our network of Silicon Valley housers know about your project!