SV@Home has increased housing capacity by more than 50,000 units and endorsed projects that brought more than 6,000 affordable homes to Silicon Valley.

Project Endorsement

SV@Home will consider endorsing housing developments in Santa Clara County that meet specified criteria. Membership is not required to receive SV@Home’s endorsement; we welcome member and non-member affordable and market rate project applications!

To request an endorsement, complete the Project Endorsement Form and submit the materials to Give us a few days to review your request, and let us know of any upcoming deadlines.

Eligible Projects Criteria:

To ensure that endorsed projects make a significant impact on the communities they serve and align with our mission of advancing affordable housing, we refer to the following eligibility criteria:

  1. 100% Affordable Developments: We support projects that are exclusively deed-restricted for households making below 80% AMI, addressing the most pressing needs of our community.
  2. 100% Missing Middle Developments: We support projects that include deed-restricted units either reserved for particular populations (ex. teachers, public employees) or serving households between 80% and 120%  of the Area Median Income (AMI). 
  3. Market-Rate Developments With Affordability Beyond Local Requirements: We support projects that significantly exceed city requirements by offering higher percentages of affordable housing or deeper affordability levels.
  4. Innovative Approaches to Affordability: We support projects that bring innovation to affordable housing. This may include projects that are: affordable by design, planned for challenging high-priority plan areas, incorporate small business retention tools, or partner with the community (e.g., community-serving, nonprofit commercial space).
  5. Acquisition Rehabilitation: We support housing preservation projects that acquire market-rate properties and convert them to deed-restricted affordable housing, or other community-based asset accumulation models.

Projects that meet one or more of these criteria will be considered for endorsement. Please note that projects proposing the redevelopment of existing housing or negotiating alternatives to local affordable housing requirements will undergo a more rigorous review process. 

SV@Home Mission and Priorities

To ensure that the endorsed projects align with our mission and make a significant impact on the communities they serve, we recommend that all developments:

  • Include Community Outreach Components:
    • Each project must align with local community goals, ensuring that its development objectives resonate with and contribute to the aspirations of the residents.
    • Build local capacity by creating opportunities for skill development, job creation, and educational initiatives within the community, fostering self-sufficiency and empowerment.
    • Invest in and incorporate local businesses to stimulate economic growth and support entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to a vibrant and sustainable local economy.
    • Allocate space within the project for community-serving nonprofit organizations, fostering collaboration and providing essential services that enhance the overall well-being of the local community.
  • Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
    • Projects should actively promote fair housing practices by implementing strategies that go beyond mere compliance, including: 
      • Conducting a thorough analysis of potential impacts on housing equity;
      • Proactive plans to eliminate discrimination; 
      • Ensuring that the development contributes positively to diverse, inclusive, and equitable housing opportunities.

By incorporating these specific details and clarifications into each recommendation, we aim to ensure a more thorough and transparent evaluation process for project endorsements, aligning with SV@Home’s mission and commitment to creating affordable housing for a vibrant and equitable Silicon Valley.

SV@Home Support May Include:

SV@Home’s support for endorsed projects may take various forms, these include:

  1. Issuing Letters of Support: We are committed to endorsing and advocating for your development project. This may include drafting and sending letters to support your proposed development, emphasizing its significance within the community.
  2. Participation in Public Meetings: Whenever feasible, we strive to attend relevant meetings and provide comments in support of your project, including those at the Planning Commission (PC) and City Council levels. Endorsed projects are encouraged to communicate their meeting schedule in advance for potential participation.
  3. Mobilizing Advocacy Tools: Our efforts may involve the activation of advocacy tools, such as petitions and letters, to garner community support for your project.
  4. Aid in Community Engagement: We are dedicated to collaborating with grassroots groups to engage the community and encourage active participation in supporting your development. Endorsed projects are encouraged to communicate their goals for community engagement.

Please note that SV@Home’s support is contingent upon availability and resources. Endorsed projects are invited to prompt and request support as needed, specifying the type of support required and the desired capacity. SV@Home is committed to providing necessary assistance within the scope of its capacity to advance your development project.

Projects Endorsed

SV@Home has increased housing capacity by more than 50,000 units and endorsed projects that brought more than 6,000 affordable homes to Silicon Valley.

Support Without Endorsement

If your project does not meet SV@Homes eligibility requirements, but is helping make Silicon Valley more affordable by increasing housing supply, let us know! We can share event information on our calendar and connect with you on social media to let our network of Silicon Valley housers know about your project!