Sintia Marquez Jimenez

Housing Policy Intern

I am a first generation graduate of the University of Redlands, where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and a Minor in Math. I graduated as a Proudian Scholar, a Hunsaker Scholar and as a recipient of the Outstanding Public Policy Award from my university in acknowledgment to my capstone project.
Originally from San Jose, California, I have always been rooted in community engagement. I actively participated in various community organizing initiatives, working closely with organizations such as Sacred Heart Community Service, Healing Grove Health Center, and the County of Santa Clara as a New American Fellow. These experiences have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by different communities and the importance of addressing them through thoughtful policy interventions. I am passionate about using both qualitative and quantitative data to develop evidence-based policy recommendations that positively impact people’s lives. By utilizing my diverse educational background, community involvement, and analytical skills, I aim to contribute to the creation of policies that positively impact marginalized communities. My ultimate goal is to advocate for equitable and inclusive policies that improve the lives of individuals and promote social justice.
I am excited about the opportunity to utilize my knowledge, skills, and experiences to make a meaningful difference in the field of public policy and beyond.