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Editorial & Letter to the Editor Toolkit


Writing Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, and Editorial Board Memos

Our partner NPH is the anchor organization for the Shift the Bay initiative, developing research-driven and field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that can help us grow public support and political will, that can change hearts and minds, and seize this powerful moment to drive new narratives for our movement. They have lots of great resources at to help with messaging and narrative strategies!

As part of the Shift the Bay initiative, NPH hosted a media training led by M+R Communications, Opinion Pieces: Writing Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, and Editorial Board Memos, which reviewed tips on how to write effective opinion pieces and increase the chances of getting your piece published. Check it out below, and use narrative strategies from the Seize the Narrative Playbook and accompanying Message Guide to develop a frame that names the urgency and opportunity of this moment while placing the responsibility on our government to act in the best interest of people.