August 29, 2018

Cupertino Call to Action Update: Vallco Specific Plan


In September, the Cupertino Planning Commission and City Council will examine and vote on the draft Vallco Specific Plan, which was officially released for public comment this week.

Join us at these upcoming opportunities to voice your support for the need for more housing and affordable housing as part of the Specific Plan:

  • September 4th at 5:00 pm: Cupertino Planning Commission Meeting – We will be speaking at the Planning Commission’s review, which results in their recommendations to the City Council on the project. Join us to press the importance of housing in these recommendations.
  • September 18th at 5:00 pm: Cupertino City Council Meeting – This is the most important meeting. The City Council will be considering, and voting on, the Vallco Specific Plan. If you can only attend one meeting and want to maximize your impact, join us this evening to push an equitable, housing-rich vision for Vallco over the finish line.  We will bring “Houser” buttons for all in attendance!

SV@Home is advocating for Housing for All on the Vallco site.  Our recommendations:

  • 3,250 homes, with 30% restricted affordable (for a total of 975 deed-restricted homes)
    • Half of the deed-restricted homes will be affordable to people making less than 80% of area median income, including:
      • 40 homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and
      • A Measure A project that will provide permanent supportive housing
    • The other half of the deed restricted homes will be affordable to people making between 80-120% of area median income

Please stay tuned for further updates on the Specific Plan process and how you can further engage!

Wait, what about the SB35 proposal? – The Specific Plan process is being conducted in parallel to the SB35 application, which will reach its 180-day deadline on September 23rd. The contents of the Specific Plan are independent of the SB35 application. If a Specific Plan is passed in addition to the SB35 application, there will be two options for development on the Vallco site.

SV@Home’s goal is to maximize the amount of housing and affordable housing in the Specific Plan to create the best possible housing outcome, no matter which option is exercised. As the SB35 application would produce 2,402 homes, including 1,201 that are affordable, SV@Home continues to be supportive of the SB35 application.