The Kelsey Ayer Station is a proposed 115-unit development that would provide 89 new homes affordable to low- and very low-income families. The Kelsey Ayer Station is a great transit-oriented development that provides access to light rail and major bus lines. The apartment will include a wide range of affordability levels, from 20% AMI up to market rate, creating a truly mixed-income community. The SV@Home gives its full endorsement to the Kelsey Ayer Station, and we encourage our partners to join us in advocating for this inclusive, mixed-income community!

89 of the 115  homes will be income-restricted at between 20% and 80% of area median income. For one- person households, this means they will be available to individuals who make between $20,500 and $72,750 per year. Importantly, the proposed development includes 28 homes for people with developmental disabilities, an underserved population that lacks housing choices across the County.

At 1.24, San Jose has a better jobs-housing balance than many other cities in the County. However,  the City’s low wage jobs-housing fit ratio is 4.45, indicating an urgent need for more affordable housing (source: 2015 LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics). With median rents for a two- bedroom home  in San Jose at $3,300 a month, a family would need to work 169 hours at San Jose’s minimum wage of $15 to afford the median rent (based on the 30% income standard). Affordable housing remains a pressing need in San Jose.

Despite significant community outreach, Ayer Station is facing opposition from some neighbors who want less housing or more parking at the site. It will need your support to win approval from the city. Come to the next community meeting to express your support for this inclusive development!

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More information about the Kelsey Ayer Station can be found on their website.

SV@Home’s letter of support can be found at this link.