Discover more about the Resilience Playbook, your go-to guide for accelerating equitable adaptation to the climate crisis in the Bay Area.

We already know that California is on the frontline of the climate crisis. And here, in the San Francisco Bay Area, climate hazards are hitting some communities harder than others.

Greenbelt Alliance is proud to present the Resilience Playbook, your go-to guide for accelerating equitable adaptation to the climate crisis in the Bay Area.

We invite you to join us on December 7, at 12 p.m. PT for the first look at our newly launching digital platform. In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to the Resilience Playbook and leaders from Greenbelt Alliance, Save the Bay, and Richmond Land who worked together to create it.

They’ll lead audiences through the main features of the Playbook and the benefits of how it can be used by city planners, policy advocates, local leaders, and decision-makers to accelerate adaptation to climate risks in the Bay Area, followed by a Q&A with the audience at the end of the webinar.

More information

Here’s how the Resilience Playbook from Greenbelt Alliance will be a game-changing resource.

  • Presented in an easy-to-use, web-based format, the Playbook brings together a collection of curated strategies, resources, and toolkits from around the region to support local decision-makers and community leaders as they look to accelerate the region’s adaptation to climate risks. The Resilience Playbook offers:
  • Easy-to-understand background information on key environmental and social issues.
  • A clear framework for embedding both equity and resilience considerations into general plans, housing policies, and sustainability roadmaps.
  • A collection of curated landmark policies, planning guidance, sample ordinances, and case studies to guide local decision-making.
  • An interactive and user-friendly interface to catalyze connection and integration among Bay Area decision-makers and climate advocates looking to build solutions for their communities.
  • Reviewed and curated with support from partners such as Save the Bay and Richmond Land.

The climate crisis is among the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. Yet it is also an opportunity for transformational change, one that invites us to reimagine our relationship to the natural world and to each other for generations to come. To learn more about the Resilience Playbook, visit Greenbelt Alliance’s web page.

December 7th
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Event