We know that affordable housing is an asset that sustains and strengthens our communities by ensuring we all have a safe, stable home, delivering enormous benefits to residents. Did you know that affordable housing also delivers measurable economic benefits to the entire community? High housing prices can slow down a local economy, leaving jobs unfilled and less spending power in a community. When affordable housing is readily available, more opportunities become available for people at all income levels.


  • Anthony Vega, Research Director for California Housing Partnership
  • Cathy Eberhardt, Resident Organizer for Residents United Network
  • Moderated by Regina Celestin Williams, Executive Director of SV@Home

Here is the link to California Housing Partnership’s Affordable Housing Map and Benefits Calculator.

Our Call to Action is to secure the critical financial resources we need to invest in affordable housing here in Santa Clara County.

SV@Home’s Policy in Action @ Home series (PIA) is a monthly, informal discussion convening Housers to engage on hot housing topics. Every month, we select a topic or current event, bring in an expert to give a brief presentation or interview, and then open up the discussion to ask questions, float new ideas, and identify potential areas for shared action.

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April 26th
12:00PM - 1:00PM
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