With destructive wildfires ravaging our state, and acrid smoke filling our cities, one thing every Californian agrees on is this: We urgently need to protect our communities from fire, and ensure our neighbors impacted by fire have safe, secure, and affordable shelter.

In this open discussion with Michael Wara, a Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment and Director of the Climate and Energy Policy Program, we’ll talk about the implications of wildfire to California’s housing future, including topics like:

• Will homes in extreme fire zones lose their insurance? How will the state respond?
• How can we fortify our communities against the inevitable fires in our future? What are the barriers?
• What’s the connection between traditional sprawl development and fire risk?
• What kinds of housing should we be building to help avoid fire zones, increase resilience, and ensure there’s enough affordable housing for everyone in California?

October 14th
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event