On June 18th, the Campbell City Council will hold a  study session on land uses and future growth in the city. This is an opportunity to maximize opportunities for housing and affordable housing in the city – especially in underutilized areas and near key transit corridors or amenities.

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) letter to the Council outlines a few ways that the upcoming Land Use discussion can positively impact housing affordability:

There are a range of potential benefits to growth that should be kept in mind and considered as potential changes to the Land Use Map are contemplated. Some of the benefits of growth in Campbell may include:

  • Increasing opportunities for housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households. The City is required, through the Housing Element, to meet its obligations to provide a range of housing densities to meet the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). If the City were to encourage and/or facilitate higher rates of residential growth, the City may end up with more market-rate housing available to a range of income levels, and more affordable housing for a range of lower income levels.

  • Providing a variety of housing opportunities that are desirable to a changing demographic. The number of people in the Bay Area 65 and over is expected to increase by 140 percent by 2040, accounting for more than half of all growth in the region. Additionally, the groups growing the fastest nationwide include people in their mid-20s and empty nesters in their 50s. These groups may be likely to look for an alternative to lower-density, single-family housing for financial and quality of life reasons.

The GPAC is a group of Campbell residents and business owners appointed by the City Council to help guide the General Plan Update process and provide detailed input as goals, policies, and programs are developed. You can read their full letter on the Campbell City Council agenda here.

The Campbell City Council will be considering 4 land use scenarios. This is a great time for advocates to weigh in on the necessity of affordable housing for Campbell’s future planning.



June 18th
2:00PM - 5:00PM
Campbell City Hall Council Chambers