The purpose of the Housing Element is to plan for current and future housing needs in the next eight years, including affordability and many others, and propose actionable pathways for the city to accommodate these needs through housing preservation and production.

Your input is crucial to this process because you, as a resident, can offer unique knowledge, perspectives, and experiences navigating housing in the city. Your input will ensure that this process is equitable and that it meets the housing needs of all residents and creates vibrant places for all to thrive.

Come join us on Monday, March 14 starting at 6pm to learn more about the Housing Element Update and share what you think the housing challenges and opportunities are in Milpitas.

If you need interpretation and/or translation assistance, please fill out this form:

You can reach out to the Milpitas Housing Element team at

March 14th
6:00PM - 7:30PM
Online Meeting