The Housing Element is a comprehensive, and long-term policy document that guides future decisions on housing preservation, protection, and production and reflects the community’s vision of equity and inclusion. Community participation is vital to the success of a Housing Element update. Your input will guide the development of key ideas, policies, and programs to ensure the future of affordable and accessible housing in Mountain View. Please see our current Housing Element, FAQs and Project Resources.

Alongside the state-mandated Housing Element Update, the City is working on two other major housing policy initiatives which include the R3 Zoning District update and the Housing Displacement Response strategy. The Housing Element establishes the City’s housing policy and so the priorities of the R3 Zoning District Update and Housing Displacement Response Strategy will be reflected in the Housing Element. These policy initiatives each play an important role in an effective housing approach for the City. To learn more and stay updated on community events please visit the R3 Zoning District webpage and the Housing Displacement Response strategy webpage.

September 23rd
6:30PM - 8:30PM
Online Meeting