City of San José staff has recently proposed changes to the Affordable Housing Siting Policy (the Siting Policy) presented at three community meetings held throughout the months of September and October of this year. The Siting Policy determines where affordable housing should be located in San Jose and how they are invested through City funds. City Council direction on the Siting Policy’s update process last year in 2021 led to disagreement from several community-based organizations, claiming that it would disinvest the necessary affordable housing that is needed in historically redlined communities by overly investing in communities that has historically excluded affordable housing. Please consider attending this important Community and Economic Development City Council meeting to support SV@Home’s and the Race Equity Action Leadership (REAL) Coalition position on this issue. Reach out to for more advocacy-related information.

Hybrid Meeting – Council Chambers and virtual –

November 28th
1:30PM - 3:00PM
Hybrid Meeting - Council Chambers or Virtual