After this webinar, you will understand why the Housing Element of the General Plan is so important and how to get involved in the process.

For years, California has required that all local governments (cities and counties) adequately plan to meet the housing needs of everyone in the community. To meet this requirement, they adopt Housing Elements as part of their General Plan (also required by the State).

California’s Housing Element law acknowledges that, in order for the private market to adequately address the housing needs and demands of Californians, local governments must adopt plans and regulatory systems that provide opportunities for housing development. As a result, housing policy and inventory availability in California rests largely on the effective implementation of General Plans and, in particular, local Housing Elements.

As we face an unprecedented housing crisis and cities dive into their Housing Element update process(which happens every eight years), Greenbelt Alliance is excited to work with our partners to advocate for a more sustainable, equitable future. Join us as we chat with Aaron Eckhouse, Regional Policy Director at California Yimby, on why the Housing Element is so important and how to get involved!

About the Series

Join Greenbelt Alliance to dive deeper into the five action areas of the Resilience Playbook and start the advocacy and implementation of policies to create a more resilient Bay Area for everyone.

At each webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the recommended policies in specific thematic areas—such as Housing, Nature-Based Solutions, Equity, Wildfire, and Water Resource Management—featured in the Resilience Playbook and connect with experts from around the region to get a look at the on-the-ground work they are doing to put these policies into action.

As part of Greenbelt Alliance’s Future Climate Webinar Series, the Resilience Playbook Series presents informative webinars geared towards elected officials, community members, city/county staff, and others interested in how to incorporate climate-resilient policy and legislation into their General Plans.

The Future Climate is a series of short talks and Q&A with experts and Greenbelt Alliance on adapting to climate change through smart city planning and conservation. Watch past episodes here.

About the Resilience Playbook:

Climate change has presented an opportunity to reimagine our relationship to the natural world and to each other. The Resilience Playbook provides guidance to transform our existing systems through policy and planning recommendations that local decision-makers and community leaders can use to accelerate their adaptation to multiple climate risks, but it is just the beginning. We need to work together to advocate for policies that will leverage natural and working lands as defense mechanisms to absorb floodwaters, sequester carbon, protect water supply, and provide buffers to wildfires. We also need to address critical issues of housing justice, a just transition away from fossil fuels towards green jobs, and environmental justice in order to ensure the outcomes of these policies prioritize the resilience of the most vulnerable communities. Explore more on the Resilience Playbook:

March 1st
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event