This event is hosted by YIMBY Law as part of Affordable Housing Month 2021.

All cities in California are updating their 8-year housing plans, giving advocates a rare opportunity to make meaningful change in our affordable housing landscape across the state. How can you best advocate for fair, affordable, and abundant housing in your region? What are the most effective methods for building political will and prevent cities from avoiding their responsibilities? Jon Wizard and Jes McBride are YIMBY Law staff working full time on housing element advocacy and the Campaign for Fair Housing Elements. This session will discuss the specific strategies and objectives of the Campaign, and examples of how our allies are fighting for fair housing element in front of the mic and behind the scenes.

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We would also love to see you at the Housing Element Kickoff 2021 for Santa Clara County jurisdictions on 5/27 at 7 pm! 

May 25th
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event