In August 2020, the California legislature put a statewide eviction moratorium into place that expires on February 1st. With COVID-19 cases and deaths in California higher than ever before and a shelter-in-place order in effect, legislators have introduced multiple bills to extend the eviction moratorium. What is unclear is how long an extension would last, and to what extent it will follow the blueprint of the previous moratorium. As landlords and tenants anxiously watch for the results, Governor Newsom has also called on the legislature to extend the eviction moratorium, though he did not say for how long.

Given the looming choice of passing a new bill before Feb 1st or allowing the moratorium to expire, the eviction moratorium extension debate will almost certainly be the most prominent issue in the California legislature this January. To discuss, we are excited to be joined by Graciela Castillo-Krings of Sacramento Advocates, who previously served as an advisor to former Governor Jerry Brown, and Michael Trujillo, Staff Attorney at the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley.

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January 22nd
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Event