After the U.S. Supreme Court held that the nationwide pandemic eviction moratorium was illegal, evictions increased by 20%, driven mainly by jurisdictions without local protections. Rents have risen as much as 40% in some cities, and predatory investors are operating in settings ranging from manufactured housing to multifamily apartments to single family rentals. To combat the evictions crisis unfolding nationwide and prevent a massive transfer of homes and wealth to speculative ownership, it is critical to identify the market forces and actors that drive displacement. In this LISC Institute webinar tied to new research from LISC and UNHP on this topic, panelists will discuss how speculation fuels evictions and poor housing quality in low-income and BIPOC neighborhoods, and share organizing and policy strategies to curb speculation and displacement, and expand community and tenant ownership as part of a movement toward social housing.


  • Julia Duranti-Martínez, Program Officer for Capacity & Research, LISC


  • David M. Greenberg, Vice President, Knowledge Management & Strategy, LISC
  • Amee Chew, Senior Research Analyst, Center for Popular Democracy
  • Samantha Kattan, Senior Research Analyst, Action Center on Race and the Economy
  • Lisle Coleman, Tenant Organizer, Citywide Tenant Union of Rochester
May 26th
9:00AM - 10:00AM
Online Event