Would you like to know more about the housing shortage, homelessness, and affordable housing? 

Please join Livable Sunnyvale and SV@Home for a presentation on the Foundations of Affordable Housing at Livable Sunnyvale’s May General Meeting.

Foundations of Affordable Housing was created to respond to community concerns and confusion about homelessness and housing affordability. Attendees will be better equipped to speak with everyone from city council members to neighbors about affordable housing.

The public often does not see a connection between building affordable housing and addressing homelessness or housing affordability. A better understanding of what affordable housing is and how it meets our communities’ needs will build community support to advance our shared goals: building and preserving more affordable housing and preventing homelessness and displacement of our community members. We believe that building this strong foundational knowledge about the value of affordable housing also lays the groundwork for critical new sources of funding for affordable housing and tenant protections — resources that can help address this regional challenge at a regional scale.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • are concerned about homelessness and housing affordability in your community,
  • want to be part of making your community healthier and more vibrant,
  • want to gain a solid understanding or fill gaps in your knowledge about how affordable housing works, how it helps solve our housing crisis, and how it benefits all of us, or
  • are sometimes or often in a role where you need to explain affordable housing to others.

In-Person Google Form registration

Zoom registration

May 1st
6:30PM - 8:00PM
Hybrid: Zoom or Sunnyvale Community Services, Community Room- 1160 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale