North 40 Phase II Update Agenda

What’s possible for Phase 2? The Town Council considered amendments to the Specific Plan in June, Grosvenor Americas, the developer, offered a new concept during their 3-minute public comment at that June Town Council meeting. Their concept is to provide much more housing in lieu of large amounts of office and/or retail structures. Find out why a hotel is being considered for the site as well. What mix of uses would you prefer?

What will the project look like? What will it mean for the community? What amendments to the town’s Specific Plan might be required to replace office space with residential units? How will this affect you?

The Town Council meets next on August 7 to continue its deliberations on North 40 Plan amendments.

The Democracy Tent invites you to its August Town Hall to meet with Steve Buster of Grosvenor Americas, view potential Phase 2 concepts, ask questions and learn more, BEFORE the Town Council reconvenes from its summer break.

The Democracy Tent Town Halls are informational meetings to enhance the public’s understanding of issues. Please join us and participate in the exercise of democratic decision making!

August 2nd
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Great Hall of the Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation - Adult Center