On August 7th, the Los Gatos Town Council will hear ideas that are being discussed for phase two of the redevelopment of North 40. Currently, phase two is mostly commercial, with just 33 homes permitted. However, according to the Mercury News, on June 5 developer Grosvenor Americas suggested 294 homes could help finance a hotel and allow for more public open space or a sports field. This is a critical opportunity to speak up for much needed housing in Los Gatos, where median home prices reach $1.83 million and the median monthly rent is $5,000.

The first phase of North 40 led to an acrimonious struggle, in which the city council tried to deny the project after resident backlash to their original approval. In June 2017, the Santa Clara County Superior Court issued a ruling against the denial of the proposed North 40 development. The court directed the Town to reconsider the proposed development, which was approved in August 2017. For more on the history of the North 40 project see our blog post “Los Gatos Town Council approves North 40 Phase I project, but fight to define the Town’s character continues“.

In addition to North 40, Town Council will also discuss an amendment to the existing Affordable Housing Overlay Zone(AHOZ) that was established in 2013. The existing zone reserves five sites  for affordable development, representing 428 potential affordable units. Now the Town Council is considering a proposal to abandon four of these sites, leaving only one to meet its regional requirements for new affordable development. AHOZ is not the only policy in place in Los Gatos, but it strengthens and diversifies the affordable housing strategies available.  Review the staff report presented at Planning Commission on July 11, 2018 here.

August 7th - January 1st 1970
7:00PM - 12:00AM
Los Gatos Town Council