This forum is co-presented by Silicon Valley at Home and the Terner Center for Housing Innovation.

In order to relieve the state’s cost and supply pressures, California needs to build 3.5 million new units by 2025.  Legislative fixes are underway at the state level, and many of Santa Clara County’s elected leaders are actively working to respond to the housing crisis’ impact on our communities.  Policy changes are critical, but are there new solutions we can leverage to lower the cost of construction?

Modular construction — a method in which components or ‘modules’ of a development are built off-site in a factory and then transported and assembled on-site — could be one such solution.  Research from the Terner Center shows that the benefits of modular construction include reductions in construction cost by at least 20 percent, shortening of construction time by up to 40 percent, and minimization of impacts on the neighborhood surrounding construction sites.  How can we bring modular construction to scale in Silicon Valley, and how might it help South Bay cities advance their efforts to provide housing for their current and future residents?  Join us as we explore these questions with a panel of professionals and innovators on the leading edge of this work.


Directions and Parking:

The Microsoft Campus at 1020 Enterprise drive can be reached by the Moffett Park Light Rail station, or exit 3B for Mathilda Ave on HWY 237, or the Mathilda ave exit on US 101 N, or exit 397 for Ellis St from US 101 S. There is a parking structure and surface parking lot on site. Parking Map available at this link.

March 15th
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Microsoft Sunnyvale