On Wednesday, January 17 from 12-1PM we’re releasing a new narrative playbook for the Bay Area via our next Begins with Home Campaign Briefing. All kinds of housing advocates would benefit from unpacking the aspirational and proactive communications strategies inside this resource with us! 

This interactive Zoom call will help you and your organization implement our research-backed storytelling approach by embedding key framing and messages across a variety of housing advocacy projects – from policy to organizing or content creation. The briefing will offer a space to learn more about Begins with Home, apply our campaign’s strategic approach to your work, and connect with the housing justice community making it all happen.

What’s inside the playbook? This resource focuses on helping anyone in the housing advocacy space understand our campaign’s strategic approach, communicate our shared narrative across a range of projects, and directly apply these recommendations to your own unique contexts. Spoiler alert: it’s time to build momentum by leading our passive allies with a story of hope and action!

Who should join us? If you’re working to create a Bay Area where everyone has an affordable roof over their head no matter who they are or how much they earn, this resource and briefing is for you! Whether you organize communities, create content, or advocate for policy solutions, your strategic communications will benefit from alignment with the story we’re telling through Begins with Home.

January 17th
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Event