Palo Alto’s Planning and Transportation Committee will hold a Study Session on the City’s Housing Work Plan on August 29th. The purpose of the Study Session will be to approve a framework for the ordinance. Future study sessions will review the draft ordinance (September) and provide a recommendation on the draft ordinance (October), before the draft ordinance is heard at City Council in November.


“The City of Palo Alto’s Draft Housing Work Plan recommends concrete steps that can be taken during calendar years 2018 and 2019 to address issues related to housing production, affordability, and preservation in Palo Alto. Recommendations are based on a review of the City’s past performance, goals for the future, and available resources, and take into consideration recent changes in State law.

As part of the City Council’s February 12, 2018 action on the Draft Housing Work Plan, the Council directed staff to prepare an ordinance amending the zoning code to encourage production of a diversity of housing types in appropriate locations and referred the ordinance to the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) for input and recommendations with the expectation that the ordinance would be forwarded to Council for their consideration by the end of 2018.”

More information on the Housing Work Plan can be found on the City of Palo Alto’s website.


August 29th - January 1st 1970
12:00AM - 12:00AM
Palo Alto City Council Chambers