On June the 4th at 7:45pm, the Palo Alto City Council will consider the proposed Windy Hills moderate-income development. On behalf of our members, SV@Home gives enthusiastic support to Windy Hills Property Investments’ application to develop a 57-unit workforce housing development at 2755 El Camino Real.  Located on a surplus VTA parking lot, this project will provide needed below-market homes for moderate-income workers, allowing them to live close to their jobs and reducing transit time and costs.

The Windy Hills development, with its small units that range from 502 to 645 square feet, is a great example of Missing Middle housing.  Six of the units are restricted to individuals and families with incomes below 120% of Area Median Income, and the remaining units, while not restricted, will be more naturally affordable due to their size.

It is not a secret that Palo Alto is one of the most expensive markets in the nation, with average home prices exceeding $3 million ($1,699 per square foot according to Zillow).  Rental rates exceed $3,000 a month, requiring a six-figure income.   Very few housing opportunities exist in the City for workers earning lower- and moderate-income wages.

Please join us in urging the City Council to support this worthy project without delay!

The meeting agenda can be found here (see item 8). Further information on the development and the council item can be found here.

June 4th - January 1st 1970
7:45PM - 12:00AM
Palo Alto City Council Chambers