The City of Santa Clara is holding a public hearing on 1/12/22 at 3pm regarding entitlement approvals of the 120-unit Clara Gardens Homekey development (formerly Bella Vista Inn). The project meets objective standards that qualify it for ministerial approval; however, the City is holding this session to invite all people who live within 1000 feet from the property as a courtesy to learn more about the project. Opposition armed with inaccurate information have participated in past Homekey meetings, so we strongly urge all housers to attend, support the project, and help share accurate information about the positive impacts Homekey projects bring to all of our communities!


Zoom meeting details and all supporting materials will be available on the Development Review Hearing Agenda when posted (72 hours before the meeting), available on the City’s meeting calendar.

Public comments can be made during the Zoom meeting or by emailing the Planning Division ( no later than noon on the meeting date. Clearly indicate the project address, meeting body, and meeting date in the email.

January 12th
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Online Meeting