The San Jose Council will be considering much needed updates to the City’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) policy. Many of these improvements bring the city in compliance with the recent ADU reforms passed by the state legislature while others, such as lowering minimum lot sizes, show important local initiative.  There are a lot of moving pieces in the proposal, but SV@Home has honed in on a couple of places where we think the proposal falls short. The new policy should:

  • Relax architectural requirements to insure that lower-cost prefabricated units would be allowed
  • Allow for two bedrooms
  • Allow for greater yard coverage to facilitate larger units on smaller lots
  • Allow second story units without additional setbacks

Come out and share your own perspective! We believe it is critically important that the policy be extremely clear and be followed up by a robust communications program. This is a great opportunity to open up homeowners and neighborhoods of San Jose to the opportunities of ADUs.

More information is available in our blog post on the subject.

June 19th - January 1st 1970
1:30PM - 12:00AM
San Jose City Council Chambers