From the City of San Jose Housing Department:

Dear Valued Community Members:

We are releasing the draft Ellis Act Ordinance amendments! This draft reflects amendments that will apply when an owner or developer plans to demolish or remove apartments from the rental market. The draft changes include:

  • When a rent stabilized apartment building is demolished, 50% of the new units will be subject to re-control (i.e. rent control), with a cap of 7x the number of demolished units;
  • The re-control provision will be waived if the developer builds a certain number of rent-restricted affordable units;
  • Displaced tenants will have a right to be placed in other rent stabilized housing and/or have a right to return after construction is complete; and
  • The process for determining relocation benefits will change slightly, allowing for owner and tenant negotiations.

We are looking for feedback on the proposed changes from residents, developers, property owners, other real estate professionals, and other stakeholders. You are invited to attend these upcoming meetings to have your voice heard and help shape the recommendations the City staff will present to the City Council in spring 2020.

February 14th
11:00AM - 12:00PM
San Jose City Hall, Wing Rooms 118 - 120
200 East Santa Clara Street
San Jose CA, 95113