SB 827

There’s one thing most Californian’s can agree on – we’re deep into a persistent housing crisis and something needs to be done. The issue, of course, is agreeing on the myriad strategies necessary to dig us out of our significant housing deficit.

Is the answer to build, build, build, and prices will come down? Is the answer to focus on increasing the affordable housing supply, or preserving existing housing? Is it rent control? Join our august panel to hear from them what they think is needed and to discuss recent legislative proposals.

Senate Bill 35 went into effect in January. Landmark legislation, SB 35 allows residential developments a speedier path through California’s daunting entitlement process – provided a minimum amount of affordable housing is included. Earlier this year Senator Scott Wiener introduced a follow up bill– Senate Bill 827– which would have automatically allowed multi-family homes up to five stories adjacent to public transportation to move forward if specific criteria was met.

SB 827 was seen as a radical measure, and was unable to garner the votes needed to make it through its first committee hearing. The question that remains is– if this approach was not the right one, what is? Many who opposed the bill expressed support for how it sought out a new, bold solution to the thorny challenge of housing affordability and publicly stated a willingness to figure out an appropriate response.

Join SV@Home for a panel discussion with State Senator Scott Wiener, Cupertino Vice Mayor Rod Sinks, who also serves as the President of the Cities Association of Santa Clara County, and Amie Fishman, Executive Director of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California. These guests have differing perspectives, but share a deep interest in addressing the Bay Area’s critical shortage of affordable housing. They’ll reflect on some of the lessons learned, share their thoughts on how SB827 has shifted the conversation around housing policy, and discuss what the future holds for a vision for a more affordable, and equitable, California.


Senator Scott Wiener, California Senate District 11

Rod Sinks, President, Cities Association of Santa Clara County 

Amie Fishman. Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

Moderator: Pilar Lorenzana, Silicon Valley at Home

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May 17th
2:00PM - 3:30PM
San Jose Masonic Center