The California insurance marketplace is currently experiencing a monumental shift, as the cost and availability of insurance coverage for nonprofit affordable housing is changing dramatically. With increased claim activity across the affordable housing sector, the already short list of available insurance carriers has dwindled, and many housing developers and property managers have been left to pick up the pieces. Across the state, affordable housing providers are struggling with this lack of available carriers and the simultaneous significant increases in the cost of insurance when they can find a carrier.

This workshop, in partnership with Gallagher, will dive into the current state of the insurance market and consider the options available for affordable housing providers at this time. This session will cover the steps nonprofit housers can take now to mitigate risk and protect assets in order to help improve their position going into the next insurance renewal. Please join us on October 12 for this informative workshop!

Session Speakers:

  • Robyn L. Roesner, Area Executive Vice President and National Director – Affordable Housing Nonprofit Practice, Gallagher

Sara Gibson, National Risk Control Consultant, Nonprofit Practice, Gallagher

October 12th - October 19th 2023
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Online Event