Presented in California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)

Get a head start on our Affordable Housing 101 Series in April with this quick overview of urban affordable housing, hosted in partnership with the California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)! With over a third of the state’s residents experiencing poverty and high housing costs leading to increased housing insecurity, the need for affordable housing in our communities is critical. We need an all-hands-on-deck approach in addressing the housing crisis, though some organizations newer to the cause might be asking themselves how to get started on such an effort.

It is for this reason that CCEDA and SCANPH are joining forces to bring community economic development organizations new to affordable housing a foundational introduction to creating affordable housing. This workshop will dive into the specifics of affordable housing in urban communities, shedding light on initiatives and strategies utilized to build the capacity to address this crisis.

March 5th
11:00AM - 12:30PM
Online Event