Parking may seem scarce when you’re looking for just the right spot, but it’s actually one of the Bay Area’s most expansive resources. With 15 million parking spaces — enough to wrap around the planet more than twice — almost half of the region is devoted to driving or storing cars. Yet for decades, planners have operated blindly when they attempt to determine parking needs or assess the impacts of new parking policies. An unprecedented new SPUR and Arizona State University report quantifies the Bay Area’s glut of parking and details the negative effects that this exorbitant amount of space dedicated to vehicles has on the environment, marginalized communities and public health. Come learn more about the analysis and the strategies that cities should implement to help manage and convert our capacious supply of parking.

Generously supported by the San Jose Mineta Transportation Institute.

+ Mikhail Chester / Arizona State University
+ Martha Roskowski / Further Strategies
+ Laura Tolkoff / SPUR

February 28th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event