The City of San José currently has 1.9 million existing parking spaces. With the City on the verge of eliminating minimum parking requirements, new tools can help minimize how much new parking developers will choose to build. How can smart parking technologies such as Parknav and Parkade be deployed to convince developers to build less parking? Join representatives from TransForm, Catalyze SV, the San José Downtown Association and the City of San Jose to learn how technology can help communities better manage and utilize their parking.

  • Chloe Shipp / San José Downtown Association
  • Chris Arkley / San José Downtown Association
  • Evan Goldin / Parkade
  • Ed Schreiner / City of San José
  • Alex Shoor / CatalyzeSV
  • Kendra Ma / TransForm
  • Erika Pinto / SPUR
October 10th
4:00PM - 5:00PM
SPUR San José: 16 N. 3rd Street San José, California 95112