Join SPUR and Partnership for the Bay’s Future to explore innovative solutions to the housing crisis through the implementation of “little p” policies as a means to creatively and equitably address the urgent housing crisis facing cities across the Bay Area. Public or governmental policy — sometimes called “Big P” policy for short — may have significant hurdles, such as city council approval or extensive bureaucratic processes. In contrast, “little p” policies refer to private or non-governmental policies that are often smaller scale and more agile. These can involve administrative changes, policy implementation, and organizational decisions that are often quicker to implement and can be an effective tool in the toolbox of local housing justice advocates. We’ll share insights, real-world examples, and practical advice for those looking to implement “little p” policy strategies in their own communities.

  • Moderator: Melissa Jones / Senior Initiative Officer, San Francisco Foundation
  • Wayne Chen / Housing Director, City of Mountain View
  • Eric Shaw / Director, SF Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
  • Joseph Villarreal / Executive Director, Housing Authority of Contra Costa
November 30th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event